I'm a freelance writer and editor who covers a wide variety of topics for a number of publications, but I tend to focus on stories about science, technology and the environment.

At the moment, I am under a long-term contract with CERN on the Swiss-French border, as the editor (and writer, photographer and sometimes webmaster) of the on-line weekly computing magazine, International Science Grid This Week.

Clients include Natural History magazine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Science, Scientific American, Australian Geographic, International Wildlife, ABCNewsOnline, Discovery Channel Online, Newsday, The Boston Globe, and Technology Review, among others.

I've also interned at the PBS television show Nature, worked as a photo editor intern at National Geographic World magazine, and freelanced as a foreign correspondent from Australia.

In addition, I worked as the senior editor of a physics magazine, where I was the "idea guy" responsible for coming up with the cover stories, features, news and humor columns. (Yes, there is humor in physics!) I wrote the majority of the stuff as well.

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MY WHEREABOUTS: On the road again! I'll be going to London in February for a one-day conference, then Taipei in the first week of March or so, then to Vietnam for a few weeks for the rest of March. In April, I'll be at the EGEE conference in Uppsala, Sweden for a week. So, no, I have not seen as much of Switzerland or France as I'd have thought . . .

Whenever I can, I like to research my stories by going into the field with my subjects to participate in their craft. Some people call this "adventure science;" I like to think of it as the George Plimpton approach to science journalism.