Book Proposal Excerpts

Mark Twain firmly believed in working on several projects simultaneously. He once commented: "There has never been a time when my literary shipyard hasn't had two or more half-finished ships on the way . . . generally there have been three or four; at present, there are five."

I've been trying to emulate my idol's advice. Here's an excerpt from a book proposal that draws on my experiences as a foreign correspondent in Australia.

UPSIDE-DOWN AND BY THE TAIL: How to Hold a Joey and Other Misadventures in Australia

NEW! Here's an excerpt from another book proposal:

GOLDRUSH IN THE JUNGLE: The Race to Find -- and Possibly Save -- the Rarest Animals of Vietnamís 'Lost World'

During my four years down-under, my "beat" was science and the environment. But I also used my assignments as an excuse to head into the outback and explore a fascinating, little-known people: the Australians.