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I approach an annual report or any other sort of organizational history much like a magazine assignment: I immerse myself in the topic, interview my subjects, and try to go into the field with them while they do their craft. I seek to produce a finished piece that is journalistic in style and satisfies the goals of the client while remaining accessible, informative, and - yes - entertaining.

The pieces below form a sort of 'case study' of this approach. They are profiles of some of the faculty, students and administrators of Smith College's new engineering department, the first such program at an all-women's college. I was the principal writer for this 52-page annual report, in which this non-profit institution wanted to (1) satisfy some of the rules for accreditation, and (2) attract potential donors, prospective students, parents of students, and alumni. To accomplish these multiple goals, this booklet had to appeal to a general readership while still satisfying the engineers and academics.

(These are just the draft versions of the publication, which is still in press at this time.)

The full report will soon be available on-line at the Smith College Picker Engineering program website.